Ban Live Exports:
International Awareness Day
14th June 2020

Together we can create change:

  • Ban live exports from the UK for slaughter and fattening
  • 8-hour journey limit within the EU
  • Ban live exports from the EU to non-EU countries

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Transporting live animals long distances is cruel and unnecessary. Let’s put an end to it together!

Globally over two billion farmed animals are transported over long distances every year. Animals are put at risk on journeys, and many are exposed to suffering when they reach their destination. Join this global movement and take action to raise public awareness and signal to policymakers and the industry that this cruel practice must end now.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Considering the restrictions placed on public gatherings due to the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), this year’s International Day of Awareness will be fully digital, with no offline events taking place.

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How you can get involved:

Share campaign actions and materials on social media

Participate in online events organised by our global network

Organise your own online event or social media action with friends and family

Ban Live Exports International Awareness Day

In 2019 you organised 180 Actions in 43 Countries across 6 Continents

Let’s make 2020 even bigger