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Millions of live animals are transported thousands of kilometres every year.

The ugly truth:

  • Excessively long journeys without sufficient food, water or rest.
  • Sick, injured, very young and heavily pregnant animals
  • Ill-equipped and overcrowded vehicles
  • Some are exported from countries with animal protection laws to those that have none, facing terrible abuse both during transport and at the time of slaughter.


Animals are crammed into vehicles.

Overcrowding means that some cannot lie down at all, while those who do may be injured or trampled to death. Others endure long journeys with legs trapped and injured, or painfully stooped under insufficient headroom.

Exhaustion & Dehydration

Animals can be in transit for days

They suffer extremes of temperature and often without sufficient food, water or rest. Many die.

Pain, Stress & Disease

Animals are sentient beings and feel pain and stress just like we do.

Animals are transported in both blistering heat and freezing conditions, some injured, those around them panicked. Water may not be provided throughout these long horrifying journeys.

Animals’ immune systems are often reduced as a result of the destitution of long distance transport, resulting in diseases spreading rapidly.

Inhumane Slaughter

Animals are shipped alive, only to be slaughtered at journey’s end, using inhumane methods.

When animals are exported from Europe to countries outside the EU they leave behind them all the legal protection they once received, facing terrible abuse both during transport and at the time of slaughter.